What the president of Russia doing?
Ivan Evgenievich:
Russia is a big and beautiful – it has trees, all sorts of trains, kindergarten. It looks like a cube. People in Russia always work and sometimes go to the beach. Russian President is Dmitry Medvedev. If I will president I will handed over to law: that all people planted trees, and all went into the kindergarten.

What the president of Russia doing?
Victoria Romanovna:
Russia is our country. It looks like a planet. It is decorated in different colors: orange, green, blue … There are rusains live here. These rusains speak Russian words. During the day they sleep, and at night they sleep too. And the president – he writes. He wrote all sorts of poems and short stories. If I were president I’d be sitting on a big chair and wrote a letter “A” … and all the others.

What the president of Russia doing?
Anna Antonovna:
Russia is our country! She is beautiful and respected. People give flowers to the winners of Russia. People are work here: they do cleaning, wash the floor … If I were president, I will defend our country in war. I’m going to run, shoot to win and get a medal. To kill evil people. Previously, it was a lot of evil people, but now they are few – they have already been killed.

What the president of Russia doing?
Daniel Evgenievich:
Russia is very big and beautiful. People love the land and protect land. Well, from other people who do not like the land. They cut down trees and flowers … If I were president I would have done so that everyone will love our land. If someone will not love, I will send him to prison. Everyone should love the land.

What the president of Russia doing?
Maria Dmitrievna:
Russia is very beautiful. However, I was not anywhere else. It is like the sea. In Russia all people work: clean, work at the park or store. And if you do not work, then simply cleaning. If I were president, I asked people questions: how they live, what they do – for to know. And if all people would have to renovate the house, I would have called all the masters, and would say that they have fixed all the houses in Russia.

What the president of Russia doing?
Daniel Stanislavovich:
Russia is our motherland. In Russia people do clean, respect it. If I were president, I will answer people’s questions. And I do so that when the child grew he will have a car and wife immediately.

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