Beautiful Images for Amazing Spaces by Olga Saliy TFP

Locations available with at least 2 days advance notice: Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi, HuaHin).

Locations available with at least 2 weeks advance notice: Europe, Thailand, Bali, Singapore, Russia (Saint-Petersburg, Moscow).

About price. I will be glad to make interior and architectural photos of your place in exchange for covering travel costs and signed Property release from an owner or a manager (agreement that the owner\manager don’t mind if I publish and sell photos of your place. Here you can find an example of this agreement).

This offer is available for luxury interiors or loft spaces only.

You’ll get all photos and be able to use them for any purposes.

P.S. As a bonus You can get an article about your property in my Travel Blog (with your contacts). Examples:

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And some of my interior pictures:

Interior professional photography luxury villa samui

Interior professional photography luxury villa

Interior professional photography luxury villa TFP

Interior photography luxury villa TFP

Samui Sunrise villa review (13)

living room with big window and brown wall interior

Samui Sunrise villa review (4)

interior design bedroom

Interior professional photography Thailand

love couple in luxury travel

woman swimming pool

Interior professional photography

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