Saint Petersburg, Russia, roofs

The first part of Petersburg Story. From the top and not only.

Saint Petersburg, Russia, top view

Most of these houses in the central districts of St. Petersburg, Russia built in the 19th century as rent apartment. The flats here were big and spacious. But after revolution which was happened in 1917 everybody needed to live somewhere, and apartments have been divided into really small rooms.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

On the roof

On the roofs

Saint Petersburg, On the roof

Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg well

Architecture well in Russia

Architecture well in Russia Saint Petersburg

Architecture Saint Petersburg

Architecture well in Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg, Russia appartment

Saint Petersburg, Russia travel

Saint Petersburg, Russia travel interesting places

Saint Petersburg window

The old elevator in St. Petersburg

vintage staircase in Russia

vintage staircase in Russia

Ancient architecture in St. Petersburg

Ancient architecture in Petersburg

Old house in St. Petersburg

Rooms Apartments in St. Petersburg

Apartments in St. Petersburg

Communal apartment

Russian Communal apartment

Russia, roofs and places (9)

The door to the communal apartment Russia

Entrance & Culture

Saint Petersburg, Russia, roofs and places (6)


Saint Petersburg, House

This is my guide on the roofs – Yuriy. You can find him for Tour here:

Yriy Senatskiy, Petersburg

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