About 1.5 years, I fell asleep and woke up looking at Lebua hotel from my bedroom window. I watched Lebua day and night, heat and rain…

The most captivating floors Lebua for me – it’s 61-62. It is abandoned and if you ready for use the fire escape, you are free for enjoy the views of Bangkok without the presence of annoying employees and without prohibitions on the photo and video shoot, opposed to restaurants areas.

Lebua at State Tower Hotel Bangkok

Lebua Hotel

Lebua at State Tower Hotel Bangkok

Lebua at State Tower Hotel Bangkok


Lebua at State Tower Hotel Bangkok

abandoned Lebua flor

Lebua at State Tower Hotel Bangkok

Lebua at State Tower Hotel Bangkok

from Lebua

Bangkok river

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6 thoughts on “Lebua Hotel abandoned floors, Bangkok”

  1. This is great. Is there no security around the building? I’d love to get up there. I guess you have to climb up the stairs…?

  2. It has security inside of course. But sometimes you can get 🙂 And of course you need to use the elevator. Although if you want to walk up to the 63 floor…

  3. Have they locked off the floors? I tried going to 61 and 62 from the fire escape stairs but both doors had the handles removed.

    There are two sets of fire escape stairs. I used the ones that are located away from the elevators. Which did you use?

  4. Maciek,
    I climbed up stairs from the 5… (may be 55 floor) and just keep the door open till I back ),

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