Baby in Russian Maternity hospital

Maternity hospital in Berdsk, Novosibirsk Region, Russia.

When I’m shooting in Maternity hospital, I do not feel romantic or heartwarming. During a recent shoot I came right on the birth and I saw as a child is born. It was healthy baby green-gray color, and I was waiting for when he would scream. At this moment, the doctor quietly asked me about the cameras Canon, and I kept looking at the child and through eternity asked the doctor (birth midwife took and I spoke with the doctor in the hallway): “Why he is not crying?”. He cried in three seconds and I wrote the address of for doctor. My hands were shaking..

nurse washes his hands in the hospital

Russian hospital – a place where I feel incredibly strongly that children come from the another world. Later, we all went into this world. And I feel that midwives is the conductors between the two worlds and they know more than anyone else about it.

If talk about facts, the birth rate in Russia is growing during the last few years. Age of women who decide to have a child is growing. Russian women have more often from 30 to 40 years old. Young mother is not 19 years but 25 years now. Midwives say that a child’s health depends of health of the mother, not of the mother’s age.

nurse in Maternity hospital

nurse with baby in Maternity hospital

Baby in Maternity hospital

newborn babies in the maternity ward

Mother and baby

Mother and baby in Maternity hospital

Russian Maternity hospital

Maternity hospital


newborn kid

newborn child

Breastfeeding in hospital

Maternity hospital

Russian Maternity hospital: mother and baby

Father in Russian Maternity hospital

Russian Maternity hospital photostory

Mother with her newborn child

Russian Maternity hospital washing head

Russian Maternity hospital. Moms

Young mother in Russian Maternity hospital

Russian Maternity hospital

newborn babies in cribs hospital

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