Nepalese is my favorite cuisine, and it includes so many dishes! Of course, I haven’t been everywhere yet, but I visited many places in the world. By deliciousness, I’d compare it only with the Lithuanian cuisine, though they’re absolutely different.

? There is a big problem about Nepalese food: it often causes traveler’s diarrhea. Pills usually don’t help, but there is another simple solution — eat spicy Nepalese food, more fruits and drink fresh juices. If you want to drink water, choose only bottled one. And be careful with ice in cafes, sometimes it’s made of dirty water.

I suppose it’s more important to show prices and popular dishes at Nepalese cafes. I’ll begin with dishes and its names, and then I’ll show prices you’ll find at average cafes and on Nepal treks. Information will mostly concern the tourist areas in Pokhara and Kathmandu.

My instafood from Nepal

Momo in Nepal
That’s one of my favourite dishes — momos, also known as steamed dumplings in some countries. They may be stuffed with meat or different vegetables, potato and cheese, etc. Hot sauce makes it even tastier.

DalBat Photo
DalBat (or Nepali Tali) on the right is a chief of Nepalese cuisine. It usually consists of rice, pease or lentil porridge, stewed vegetables. And there’s fried potatoes (hash brown) and vegetable salad on the left.
DalBat Nepali Tali
It is one more version of DalBat from a buffet (from smorgasbord to be exact — buffet where you can choose what you want and eat as much as you want).

At Nepalese cafes you’re usually served with just prepared dishes (that were cooked right before serving), that’s why sometimes you have to wait quite long.

Mash Potato and Tomato, Nepal
Mashed Potatoes. But here potatoes are grated and only then boiled. You’ll meet this dish often, though I can’t say it’s delicious.
Palak Paneer
Green gruel on the left is called Palak Paneer. It’s made of Paneer cheese and spinach. Taste may vary depending on a cafe — somewhere it’s really tasty, somewhere could be better. In general, it’s a very popular dish in Nepal and India.
Eggplant Pakoda
Eggplant Pakoda — batter-fried eggplant.
Veg Pakoda
Veg Pakoda — Nepalese deep fried cabbage balls. May be quite tasty, and you can buy them while trekking in the mountains.
Rosti with cheese, Nepalese cuisine
Rosti with cheese — big hash brown potato covered with tomato and grated cheese. One of my favourite dishes.
Nepalese cuisine, pumpkin soup with corn fritter
Creamy pumpkin soup and corn fritter. Actually, there are many different soups in Nepal, so everyone can find something to his or her taste.
Tomato soup in Nepal
Tomato soup tastes different in different cafes. Usually there’s too much ketchup added, but sometimes (especially on the treks) you may find a tasty one.
naan chapati
Naan and chapati bread with Masala Tea and Lassi (Nepali yogurt) is very tasty and also popular in Nepal. Naans can be stuffed with potato, cheese, garlic, etc.
Gurung Bread
Gurung Bread — tastes great and very popular on the Annapurna area treks.
Pizza in Nepal
Nepalese pizza isn’t bad and sometimes even tasty. It’s sold both in towns and on the treks.
Fried bananas with chocolate
Banana fritters — batter-fried bananas, served with Nutella or chocolate.
Rice pudding
Rice pudding. There are also chocolate (something like thick hot chocolate — super tasty!) and custard pudding. But I decided to show the most unpresentable one. You can buy them everywhere, even on a trek.
Fresh juices in Nepal
And fresh juice, you can enjoy it all over Nepal. But the tastiest you’ll find in Pokhara, and the most-most tasty is here: 28.221560, 83.955779.

Menu: average prices for food in Nepal

Menu with average prices in Pokhara and Kathmandu (there are cafes with prices cheaper or higher):

Nepal Menu - prices

Nepali Food price in Pokhara and Kathmandu

Nepali Food price in Pokhara and Kathmandu

Nepali Food price in Pokhara and Kathmandu

Nepali Food price in Pokhara and Kathmandu

Nepali Food price in Pokhara and Kathmandu

Nepali Food price in Pokhara and Kathmandu

Food in Nepal

Nepali Menu in Pokhara

Food prices on the Himalayan treks, Nepal

Here presented average prices, but everyone can find prices lower or higher depending on your location. This menu is from Machapuchare base camp located far from civilization and higher in the mountains. Thus, everything is more expensive.

Menu and Prices in Nepali Trekking

Menu and Prices in Nepali Trekking

Menu and Prices in Nepali Trekking
I usually take limes on the trek and add the juice in hot water. It’s cheap, good for stomach and makes you feel better on the trek.
Menu and Prices in Nepali Trekking
You can buy pizza almost everywhere on the treks. Usually it looks like a flatbread with cheese and tomatoes, but sometimes you can find a tasty one.
Menu and Prices in Nepali Trekking
In menu you can find accommodation prices.

The article will be continued.

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